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Case Studies

Beating An Influential Corporation To Help A Startup Get Off The Ground

Connors LLP’s client, two local entrepreneurs starting a new business in the industrial supply sector faced a federal lawsuit from a $3 billion corporation seeking an injunction to prevent them from starting up. Battling one of New York City’s largest law firms and the substantial resources of a major corporation, Connors LLP won dismissal of the lawsuit and a strong reprimand from the judge to the corporate giant. The corporation did not appeal, and the entrepreneurs were able to successfully launch their business without future challenge.

Winning The Region’s Largest Verdict

In 2003, Connors LLP represented a young man injured while performing as a diver at a local amusement park. The incident left the young man paralyzed with a total motor and sensory loss below his shoulders. After a lengthy trial, Connors LLP was able to win a $58.6 million trial verdict on the client’s behalf, including awards for future medical care and rehabilitation, and loss of potential income. At the time, it was the largest-ever jury verdict in Western New York, and was one of the nation’s ten largest that year.

Obtaining Settlements For Families Of The Victims Of Flight 3407

Following the crash of Continental Flight 3407 outside Buffalo in 2009, Connors LLP was retained by a number of the victims’ families to help determine the causes of the crash and the hold the airlines responsible. Connors LLP was successful in uncovering answers and obtaining financial security for the families.

Succeeding In A Civil Resolution

A multimillion-dollar health care company faced a massive government investigation, accompanied by the threat of criminal prosecution of both the company and its principals. With an indictment bringing with it the strong likelihood of the company’s collapse, the stakes were as high as they come. The company engaged Connors LLP to spearhead the response to the investigation, and the firm worked with the singular goal of preventing criminal charges. Connors LLP succeeded in negotiating a civil resolution, which allowed the company to continue to thrive, while minimizing distractions and negative publicity.

Winning A $27 Million Personal Injury Suit

Connors LLP was engaged to represent a construction worker who was injured while performing construction in an elevator shaft. He was struck by a scaffold plank, which fell two floors before striking him in the cervical area and causing serious injury to his spine. Connors LLP successfully negotiated a settlement that will pay the worker $27 million to cover his pain, suffering, lost wages and future medical expenses.

Obtaining Settlement After Trial For Parents Of Alix Rice

After a doctor who was driving while intoxicated struck and killed a young woman who was riding home from work on a long board, a criminal jury declined to hold him responsible for her death. The parents later retained Connors LLP to bring the doctor to justice. By working with police investigators, bringing in new experts, and taking the case before a civil jury, Connors LLP was able to achieve a settlement for the parents.