Grable and O'Neil Win No-Cause Verdict for Local Businessman

James W. Grable, Jr. and Caitlin E. O’Neil won a contentious jury trial in New York State Supreme Court, successfully defending a local business owner against claims that he negligently and intentionally harmed a woman with whom he shares a child. The plaintiff brought eight sweeping causes of action against the businessman seeking more than $1 million in damages and punitive damages, including claims that he defamed her and intentionally and negligently harmed her.

Connors LLP obtained dismissal of several causes of action when the lawsuit was first filed then obtained the dismissal of additional claims before the trial began, using a pre-trial motion strategy that significantly limited the potential damages exposure the businessman was facing. During the trial itself, Grable and O’Neil obtained judgment dismissing additional claims and demands for damages before they went to the jury. They prevailed over all of the remaining claims when the jury returned a verdict in the businessman’s favor, finding that he was not liable to the plaintiff on any of her claims.