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Buffalo Appeals Lawyers

A trial verdict rarely spells the end of a case, and the appellate process can not only significantly change the outcome of the matter at hand but also develop new law for the future. Connors LLP appellate practice is a natural outgrowth of its renowned trial prowess, having successfully represented numerous clients in both state and federal appellate courts across the country.

Our Buffalo appeals attorneys have a broad understanding of how judges approach decision-making at the appellate stage and can handle even the most complex challenges. Other law firms regularly recognize the depth and breadth of our appellate skill and experience, retaining Connors LLP as appellate specialists when their clients seek better results in a matter, or need to protect a ruling under attack. Reach our office and ask specifically about our appellate practice at 716-852-5533

What Is An Appeal?

In reality, appeals are not a “do over” or a chance to relitigate. Rather, they are an opportunity to dispute an area of the law that is unclear, correct a misapplication of the law or point out a violation of your rights. New evidence is very rarely introduced; instead, the issues at hand are much more abstract and will require a skillset most lawyers do not have the time or capacity to develop fully.

Speak To Connors LLP About Your Appeals Options

Many of our colleagues in the legal field refer potential appeals cases to our office because we have a unique exposure to appeals cases and a long-established reputation for success. If an attorney refers you to our office for an appeal, you can take a deep breath knowing you have some of the best possible representation. Our appeals attorneys can guide you: 716-852-5533.