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Buffalo Commercial Litigation Lawyers

When your company comes under threat, you should prepare to see a slew of issues. Lawsuits often come in groups, which can lead to even more issues among your shareholders, investors and other partners. In these moments, your choice of counsel and representation is critical for many reasons, most notably for your legal protection and the public perception of your company.

At Connors LLP, our Buffalo commercial litigation attorneys are among the best litigation attorneys in New York state. We are known for our aggressive attitude, our depth of knowledge and our winning record. Since 1986, our firm has been a staple among New York businesses during times of intense and complicated litigation; give yourself ample opportunity for success when you schedule your first consultation.

What Is Bet-The-Company Litigation?

Bet-the-company litigation comes in many forms, but the main characteristic that all cases of this type have in common is the way multiple conflicts come together to threaten a business’s prospects and very existence. For instance, you should consider hiring a litigation law firm when:

  • High-profile litigation threatens your shareholder investments
  • Multiple lawsuits arise at one time, particularly if they are in regard to similar issues
  • White collar investigations involve multiple investigative agencies

Our attorneys preempt scandal and degrading situations through aggressive representation and proactive legal action.

Do Not Waste Time

When everything is on the line, turn to one of Buffalo’s most trusted and successful commercial litigation firms. Call Connors LLP at 716-852-5533 and tell us what is happening.