Not Your Ordinary Litigation Law Firm

Buffalo Civil Litigation Lawyers

From medical malpractice, casualty and negligence, to product liability and first-party claims, Connors LLP’s attorneys skillfully advocate for clients in all areas of civil litigation. Our Buffalo civil litigation attorneys have extensive experience across a broad spectrum of industries and civil litigation matters. We see the “big picture” and formulate the most cost-effective path to a successful resolution.

What Makes A Quality Civil Litigation Law Firm?

Legal and business professionals across New York know us as a leading litigation firm because of our commitment to:

  • Utilizing evidence-based case theories: Our team goes above and beyond to both examine existing evidence and collect evidence where holes exist.
  • Leveraging our attorneys’ vast experience: Our firm has offered support to New Yorkers since 1986, and we have the benefit of all the cases that came before yours.
  • Offering client-focused, customized support: Your case is not the same as any case before or after yours. The unique facts and circumstances set you apart, and we build a case that suits you first and foremost.
  • Making full use of your legal options: Your legal power comes from knowing your options. We help you navigate the complex legal system to find a strategy that suits you and that can achieve your goals.

Prioritize working with counsel that can cut through the chaos and get to the heart of the issues at hand.

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Connors LLP is regularly engaged as trial or appellate counsel to handle particularly complex and challenging cases. Speak with our civil litigation lawyers about your case and your goals by calling us at 716-852-5533 or schedule an appointment online.