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Buffalo Burn Lawyers

The trauma of a car crash or any other accident can be difficult enough to move past, but when people tell you that you “only have to deal with” a scar or disfigurement or that “at least it was just a burn,” the dismissal is as painful as the physical damage you endure.

Our Buffalo burn attorneys have decades of experience working with injuries and accidents like yours, and we are knowledgeable and relentless advocates throughout your recovery. Once you contact us, we work to maximize your compensation at every possible step of your case.

Are You Wondering How A Personal Injury Case Can Benefit You?

Your injuries are serious and require a major investment of money, time and energy to recover, all of which are deserving of respect. Our team uses the law as a tool to maximize your financial support throughout recovery so that you have resources to:

  • See your choice of doctor, including visiting specialists in burn recovery units and plastic surgery when appropriate
  • Undergo long-term treatments that will best serve your needs
  • Pay for your living expenses like your housing costs and utilities when you are unable to work

At Connors LLP, we understand that behind every scar, burn and physical difference is a story and a history of recovery. You can trust us to see the big picture and pursue legal strategies that serve your interests.

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From our office in Buffalo, we offer top-tier legal advocacy based on decades of litigation experience for injury victims across New York. Our firm is well-regarded and highly capable of speaking up for your rights. You can talk to our Buffalo burn lawyers by phone at 716-852-5533 or schedule a meeting online.