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Buffalo White Collar Crime Lawyers

The legal and professional community knows Connors LLP for our leadership and success in trial law. As litigants, our attorneys are relentless advocates who do not compromise unnecessarily and who are highly protective of your long-term interests. Perhaps most importantly, we do all of this with discretion and with a focus on your professional and personal reputation.

Our firm prepares you and your case for the challenges that arise in litigation, whether that means preparing your case for trial or challenging the law itself in an appeal. We set legal standards and precedence through our work. Contact us today at 716-852-5533.

What To Expect In White Collar Crime Trials

A court trial can be a varied and highly tense experience, dependent entirely upon both your counsel’s ability and the available evidence. If you are accused of embezzlement, fraud or another white collar crime, you should expect that investigation and trial may take months or years. Trial itself consists of two cases-in-chief, where both sides present evidence and cross-examine the other side’s witnesses. Then, the court will reach a verdict.

In some cases, an appeal is appropriate. Appeals are unique opportunities to argue about the law and its application (or misapplication). It is not a new trial. This stage is highly complex and can be a brutally nuanced legal affair, wherein quality representation is a must.

We Live Up To Our Reputation

As a prominent New York State litigation firm since 1986, we strive to always offer top-tier legal services, aggressive representation and customized legal care. At our firm, you get the attention you deserve, all with the discretion and effectiveness you desire. Send us an email today.