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Preserve Your Professional Reputation And Licensure

Across New York state, professionals depend on their reputation and goodwill to build their careers. At Connors LLP, we take your reputation and career seriously. We understand that allegations of misconduct, disciplinary matters and even criminal accusations can topple an otherwise thriving professional practice. The right legal actions, especially when implemented with discretion and tact, can make all the difference.

Businesses and professionals turn to Connors LLP for the highest level of protection with the utmost discretion. Our attorneys represent members of virtually every profession in a wide variety of cases. Our office is available for a consultation at your convenience: 716-852-5533.

Depend On Our Professional Representation Experience

We recognize the urgency and importance of litigation that threatens a professional’s license or standing in the community and approach each client engagement with a strategy specifically tailored to protecting their best interests.

Our attorneys take a serious minded and highly experienced ethos to any and all professional representation cases they undertake. When we represent you, we take a thorough hand to any and all evidence presented against you, and our focus is always on the rights and obligations involved in your case. We understand that industry boards, licensing bodies and the law all hold professionals to a high standard, and we strive to illustrate your case and preserve your legal rights at every step.

New York Professionals Turn To Our Firm For A Reason

Our prior clients include mayors, physicians, judges, dentists, legislators, lawyers and other professionals. We have represented professionals from all fields and industries during disciplinary matters, licensing issues, agency investigations and even criminal defense matters. Learn how our experience with professional representation can serve your needs.