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Buffalo, NY Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Vigorous Advocacy That Treats Your Life-Altering Injuries With The Gravity They Deserve

Many Buffalo residents struggle to recover after an accident, but for some the consequences of their injuries last a lifetime. Paralysis, spinal damage, brain trauma and other serious injuries change the course of their lives and can cause serious ongoing medical and financial issues.

At Connors LLP, we bring a nuanced, highly experienced perspective to your injury claims and fight to maximize your settlement, regardless of how reluctant or dismissive insurance companies may be. We have decades of litigation experience and a commitment to client-focused care. Our Buffalo catastrophic injury attorneys are the right choice to speak up for you in the legal system.

Speaking Out For The Rights Of The Injured And Their Caregivers

Buffalo and the surrounding area have turned to Connors LLP for help since 1986. Our extensive experience includes representing those with serious injuries and high need, such as:

  • Individuals with back and spine damage, including newly quadriplegic and paraplegic individuals
  • Amputees and those with other significant limb or joint damage
  • The permanently scarred or disfigured

Catastrophic injuries can lead to a slew of expenses and financial loss that sets victims and their families back decades. Our advocacy supports the injured and their relatives seeking support for medical care, adaptive technologies, lifestyle changes and other expenses.

Buffalo Attorneys Can Help You Stay On Track For The Future

At Connors LLP, we are passionate, caring advocates with decades of experience. We relentlessly pursue the financial compensation you need to maintain your way of life throughout your period of adjustment and recovery. Call us at 716-852-5533 or send an email to set up an appointment.