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Buffalo Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction workers are among the most hard-working, injury-prone laborers in the country, and, when worksite accidents happen, they face catastrophic and life-altering injuries. What is more, their personal injury claims are often complex, and nearly impossible to manage without strong, professional assistance.

At Connors LLP, our legal team of Buffalo construction accident attorneys have stood up for workers and the injured since 1986 – over 35 years. Speak with us at 716-852-5533 and find out why both our clients and our colleagues in New York’s legal industry speak highly of our team.

Why Even Common Construction Injuries Are Complicated Legal Cases

Construction sites are cooperative spaces, where many companies, manufacturers and contractors all intersect to complete a major project. Unfortunately, this can make determining liability for an injury very difficult. Your attorney may need to bring multiple suits and manage different parties to get the full compensation you deserve.

It all comes down to a few key questions:

·        What happened?

·        Was all of the equipment and machinery functioning correctly?

·        Were all parties following safety protocols?

·        Who was on duty and what tasks were they assigned?

·        What evidence and witness testimony is available?

·        Is a personal injury case appropriate?

Your injuries may be serious, and include amputations, brain trauma or spine and back damage. Our firm is capable of matching that need with a ferocity few attorneys possess.

We Go Above And Beyond For Our Clients

Our construction accident lawyers are assertive, quick to act and judicious in their choices. We can advocate for you, even under the most trying of circumstances. Reach us online to schedule an appointment with 716-852-5533.