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Buffalo, NY Wrongful Death Lawyers

When Your Family Suffers An Early Loss, Our Lawyers Are Here To Support You

After tragic loss, the last thing you and your loved ones need is to worry about navigating the legal system. Our attorneys can take on a wrongful death case and the challenges that it entails so that you have the time and energy to focus on your well-being.

When you bring a wrongful death case, Connors LLP understands that your legal case is about more than just the law; it is about your life, your family and your future. Our Buffalo wrongful death attorneys do everything in their power to maximize your benefits so you can move forward with your life.

Obtaining Financial Support Through Wrongful Death Claims

Tragic loss has many causes, but if your loved one’s death was the result of neglect, misconduct or recklessness, you may be eligible for financial support for both their passing and for the myriad of expenses that accompany it, including:

  • Medical bills preceding death
  • The cost of in-home care and hospice expenses where applicable
  • Funerary expenses
  • Probate and estate administration-related costs
  • Lost wages if the decedent was of working age

Our experience and presence in the Buffalo area extends back decades, and we are glad to stand by you during this trying moment.

Comprehensive Legal Support In A Private And Compassionate Setting

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