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Managing Third-Party Personal Injury Claims After Workplace Injuries

Many people believe that their workplace injuries mean that they are only eligible for workers’ compensation. In reality, many injured workers also have grounds for personal injury claims against third parties that contributed to their suffering.

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Understanding The Foundations Of Third-Party Personal Injury Claims

In many cases, workplace injuries are not the sole fault of the employer. In cases like this, a skilled attorney can hold other parties accountable for the damages that result. For instance, if a defective table say injures a construction worker, they likely also have a claim against the table saw manufacturer. Similarly, if a truck driver loses control after a tire explodes, the tire company or the truck maintenance company may bear some of the responsibility for the crash.

A third-party injury claim ensures that those responsible for the root causes of your injury also are held accountable both legally and financially. These cases are often hard-fought and require intimate knowledge of the law but can make a substantial difference in the resources available to you and your loved ones during recovery.

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