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We Understand The Dynamics At Play When Representing Attorneys In New York

As a lawyer, your professional reputation and licensure are often the basis of your success. It can take as little as one misconduct allegation or suspended license to leave your legal career in shambles. When you get notice from the bar or a professional organization issue arises, you should prepare to make a series of highly strategic choices if you want to protect your reputation and practice.

For over 35 years, Connors LLP has been a go-to resource for New York’s legal community. Our experience and tactical approach to professional representation has helped set the standard for legal professional representation statewide. Take assertive and swift action to protect yourself: 716-852-5533.

Additional Considerations Legal Professionals Must Consider

Legal professionals are held to a high standard, both professionally and ethically. While many attorneys are familiar with the firm rules of their bar association, they often fall prey to ethical violations or other more vague expectations that can impact their professional reputation in the long-term.

If you believe you need professional representation, the sooner you call our office, the better. We take the time to gather information and additional evidence, review bylaws and other regulatory standards and craft a personalized strategy that accounts for both your formal legal needs and the social fallout that may accompany it.

Your Next Step Is To Reach Out To Our Office

At Connors LLP, we take every opportunity to get ahead of the issues at hand. Our past clients include attorneys, judges, law firms and other legal professionals. Give us a call at 716-852-5533 or send us an email to schedule an appointment at our Buffalo office.