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Representing The Best Interests Of Physicians, Health Care Professionals And Health Care Facilities

Medical malpractice claims and other legal disputes are an inherent threat to health care professionals and facilities across the nation because they can jeopardize professional licensure, regulatory compliance requirements and public perception. Swift, decisive action utilizing a strong litigation attorney is often the best way to resolve legal matters discreetly.

Since 1986, the attorneys at Connors LLP have stood at the forefront of professional representation. We embrace the challenge facing you. Speak with our team about how we can support you at 716-852-5533.

What Makes Our Office Uniquely Suited To Supporting Medical Teams

Our office focuses on crafting highly personal litigation and professional representation strategies grounded in experience and defined by their focus. Our attorneys draw on:

  • Combined decades of experience representing medical professionals before licensure boards and professional associations
  • A strong base in medical terminology and science, including an expansive professional network to draw upon
  • Vast legal resources that support our efforts both in crafting your legal strategy and supporting your public image

Your representation is a crucial step in preserving your rights, reputation and career; do not hesitate to call upon a strong, litigation-based law firm.

Confronting Legal Challenges With Tenacity

Based in Buffalo, the New York legal and professional communities turn to Connors LLP in times of legal urgency. From the first moment you work with our attorneys, you have the support you need to recover from legal setbacks and thrive moving forward. Send our office an email and begin your legal preparations.