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When The Sidewalks And Bike Lanes Are Not Safe, Our Attorneys Are Ready

Car accidents often involve more than just cars; pedestrians and cyclists also use the roads and are victims of distracted driving. The consequences often are lifelong, and can include multiple fractures, brain injuries and paralysis. In the worst cases, the pedestrian or cyclist passes away, leaving their loved ones behind.

When you are in the midst of recovery, Connors LLP‘s bicycle accident attorneys are the advocates you wish you had. Our legal firm focuses on your rights, meaning that we take your injuries seriously and focus on getting you the most compensation possible so that you can recover with less stress and with the most possible resources at your disposal.

Why Our Clients Trust In Us

At Connors LLP, we emphasize personal, customized legal care. We do not treat your case as just another file; we believe that you deserve an attorney who sees your case for what it is: a lifeline. Our attorneys draw on decades of experience to craft an evidence-based, legally sound case that maximizes your claim to financial support.

Our law firm has been a go-to litigation firm for injured persons in the Buffalo area since 1986. In that time, we have sharpened our skills and developed a reputation for excellence that even our fellow legal professionals, including lawyers and judges, have come to depend upon. As we fight for you, you can be reassured that the full weight of our team is behind you.

Connors LLP Stands Ready To Protect Your Interests

We are ready to develop a case that represents your interests. You can speak with our Buffalo bike accident lawyers by phone at 716-852-5533 or online and schedule a first appointment.