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At Connors LLP, we understand that there is no run-of-the-mill litigation; every case has a unique set of facts and circumstances and requires a personalized strategy for success. Since 1986, our firm’s focus has been on providing every client with a strong, resilient and persistent advocate capable of managing the most complex litigation New York businesses and individuals encounter.

The result is resounding success. Industry organizations focused on both outcomes and on client experience all recognize our office as a premier firm. Even other legal professionals turn to us for assistance in difficult legal moments.

Our attorneys are proud to support you in your legal endeavors. Learn more about them and how each attorney contributes to our firm’s success by following the links below:


Photo of Terrence M. Connors
Terrence M. Connors
Photo of Randall D. White
Randall D. White
Photo of John T. Loss
John T. Loss
Photo of Vincent E. Doyle III
Vincent E. Doyle III
Photo of Michael J. Roach
Michael J. Roach
Photo of Lawlor F. Quinlan III
Lawlor F. Quinlan III
Photo of James W. Grable, Jr.
James W. Grable, Jr.
Photo of Joseph D. Morath, Jr.

Joseph D. Morath, Jr.

Photo of Mollie C. McGorry
Mollie C. McGorry
Photo of Nicholas A. Romano
Nicholas A. Romano
Bryan P. Kroetsch
Bryan P. Kroetsch
Photo of Andrew M. Debbins
Andrew M. Debbins
Photo of Christina M. Eaton
Christina M. Eaton
Photo Of Michael C. Arena
Michael C. Arena


Photo of John P. Kromer
John P. Kromer
Photo of Julie M. Scott
Julie M. Scott, LPN
Photo of Suzanne M. Pieszak
Suzanne M. Pieszak, R.N.
Photo of Kathleen V. Kubicki
Kathleen V. Kubicki, R.N.
Photo of Irene A. McNeill
Irene A. McNeill, R.N.
Photo of Rachel M. Valkwitch
Rachel M. Valkwitch
Photo of Emily J. Gay
Emily J. Gay
Photo Of Kathryn E. Marentette
Kathryn E. Marentette
Photo Of Candace L. Dorazio
Candace L. Dorazio

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