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When Judges Need Professional Representation, They Turn To Connors LLP

Judges are held to some of the highest professional standards possible, not just by the law, but also by the public. The court of public opinion can be relentless, especially if there is grounds for censure or any other legal action. Throughout New York’s legal community, our firm is known for its acumen and capacity for highly technical and complex casework.

Connors LLP is a litigation-based law firm with decades of experience at our disposal. Our past clients include doctors, attorneys, politicians and judges. No matter what challenges you face to your professional life, you can feel confident that your future and career prospects are in good hands. To schedule an appointment with one of our Buffalo-based attorneys, send us an email.

Well-Timed, Highly Focused Legal Advice For New York’s Judges

As a professional in the legal world, you are probably familiar with the impact early intervention can have on a case. The same principles apply to professional representation: the more time your team has to plan and strategize, the better the outcomes.

From the moment you reach out, our team begins:

  • Evaluating the terms of your service, including legal and professional requirements for judges of your level
  • Gathering information and evidence about any accusations against you
  • Creating a strategy to manage both the legal and public aspects of your case, including media management
  • Fiercely protecting your interests

Find out more about why the legal community trusts our office to represent them in complex, changing cases at your first consultation.

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