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A car accident, a fall, a medical mishap – any of these events can throw into sharp relief just how vulnerable we really are as people. When your injury impacts your spine or back, your mobility, health and independence are all at stake. In some of the best cases, you need help managing recurrent back cases, but in the worst, you may be left completely paralyzed.

Not only do our Buffalo spinal injury attorneys regularly take on large insurance companies in negotiations and litigation, but we also do so without sacrificing the personal care and attention you need. Speak with our team at 716-852-5533.

Spine And Back Injuries Are Among The Most Serious Injuries

Your back and spine are the foundation for your movement – not just for walking, but for smaller, more mundane tasks like lifting your groceries or typing and writing. If you or your loved one lose full use of your back or spine, you will likely need assistance in more ways than you think.

Our firm advocates for accident victims whose back and spine injuries require:

  • Long-term medical care, including rehabilitation, physical therapy and pain management
  • Medical adaptations like wheelchairs, stoma bags and other accommodations for full or partial paralysis
  • Changes to housing and living situations, like accessibility-related renovations to older houses
  • Financial support when injuries prevent you from working

Our attorneys are known for their prowess in the courtroom and their dedicated advocacy. We treat each client as a unique person worthy of care, resulting in our passionate and relentless advocacy.

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