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Trucks And Commercial Vehicles Are Among The Most Dangerous Vehicles On The Roads

Unsurprisingly, truck accident victims suffer some of the most severe and long-lasting injuries of all highway accident victims. The sheer velocity and force behind a commercial vehicle like a bus, semi or freight truck dwarfs that of a passenger vehicle. The results are often catastrophic for both those in passenger vehicles and for the truck driver.

At Connors LLP, our team of Buffalo truck accident attorneys leverages decades of complex litigation experience to manage the many parties and interests at play in commercial vehicle crashes. The New York legal community knows us as champions for our clients. We represent your interests without making unnecessary compromises or wasting time. Speak with our team about your needs and how we can help.

Truck Accident Victims Need Special Attention Legally And Medically

Personal injury claims involving trucking companies and commercial vehicles are more complicated for many reasons, but the two primary issues most people will face are the severity of their injuries and the complicated legal and insurance structures trucking companies employ.

Your case will likely involve:

  • Demanding compensation for complex, ongoing issues where you may not know the full extent of your medical need for months or years
  • Determining what parties are at-fault and liable for your injuries, which may mean claims involving multiple parties
  • Countering the trucking companies’ extensive legal and investigative resources

At Connors LLP, we untangle the complicated web of factors at play in your case and develop actionable legal strategies quickly.

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