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Connors LLP Personal Injury Case Ranked in 2021 Top Verdict List

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Personal Injury

You can measure the success of a personal injury firm using many different metrics. One of the most important is how well an attorney understands the true impact of an injury and how assertively they pursue the compensation their clients deserve.

Many attorneys will claim to be advocates for those with serious injuries but will then gladly accept a first settlement offer from an insurance company without ever negotiating, let alone taking the case to court. The outcome of a 2021 personal injury claim managed by our firm highlights why fighting for more matters.

This case, involving a driver injured in a rear-end collision, helps illuminate how the right advocacy can make all the difference for injured adults.

Going to trial meant securing more than 110 times the initial offer

After a serious rear-end collision, a professional injured in the crash has had long-term pain symptoms that even repeat visits to chiropractic professionals could not resolve. The insurance company providing coverage offered a paltry $10,000 worth of coverage, which in no way reflected the medical costs already incurred or the future expenses and suffering of the client.

Instead of taking that low offer, attorney Nicholas A. Romano, Esq. took the case to court, a process that took nearly seven years to complete. After a trial by jury that lasted two weeks, the result was a jury verdict awarding $1,136,500 to the plaintiff for current and future pain, suffering and medical expenses.

That successful litigation was the 16th largest verdict in the state for 2021. Lawyer Nicholas A. Romano was included in the top 20 personal injury verdicts in New York state for 2021. The list composed by Top Verdict included Romano because of this case, and it was not the first time Top Verdict has recognized the Connors LLP firm.

Insurance companies count on you just accepting their offer

This case is a clear example of how insurance companies stonewall people and try to trick them into accepting inappropriately low settlements. Those significantly impacted by a car crash or other personal injury scenarios may have no choice but to pursue compensation in the civil courts when the insurance company does not adequately cover their losses.

Finding the right personal injury attorney can help those struggling to adjust to life after a serious injury connect with the financial compensation they require.