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The rise of pedestrian accidents and how to be safer on the road

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Personal Injury

Most motorists acknowledge that driving always has the potential to be dangerous, especially when negligent drivers are at play. However, many people who choose to travel by foot or bicycle do so with the assumption that nothing bad could possibly happen to them.

The Buffalo News reports that roadways are, in fact, becoming deadlier for pedestrians both in New York state and across the country. You can do your part to be safer and more vigilant by understanding why American highways are more hazardous now than in previous years.

Why are U.S. highways increasingly dangerous for pedestrians?

One belief is that the American culture’s tendency to favor cars and trucks over other forms of transportation is a contributing factor toward rising pedestrian deaths. The number of passenger vehicles on the road increases each year, making the highways more dangerous for those traveling by foot, by bicycle or by motorcycle. This is in contrast to other first-world countries, which see a decrease in traffic fatalities in recent years.

How can pedestrians and cyclists be safer?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains that pedestrians should use the sidewalk whenever possible, while bicyclists should use dedicated bike lanes. When these are not available, it is best to walk while facing traffic. Bicyclists should always ride in the same direction as traffic.

Pedestrian safety is a priority for everyone who uses American roadways. If you sustain an injury due to the negligent actions of an unsafe motorist, you have the right to pursue compensation.