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Connors LLP partner receives honor from UB Law

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Firm News

The University at Buffalo School of Law Alumni Association has a tradition of honoring advocates and champions of diversity within the legal community. This tradition began in 1963 and continues on an annual basis. This year, our very own James W. Grable received the honor for his contributions within private practice.

More on the honor

UB’s Law Alumni Association formally recognized Mr. Grable for his ability and willingness to take on cases ranging from complex multinational corporations involved in criminal investigations to impoverished defendants.

More on Mr. Grable’s many contributions to the legal community

This is just one of many accolades Mr. Grable brings to the firm. A few of the additional awards and honors include:

  • Induction into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. This is a group that only invites “truly elite trial lawyers” and limits membership to less than one-tenth of one percent of lawyers practicing in the country.
  • New York Super Lawyer. Mr. Grable has received this honor every year since 2009.
  • Special Service Award. The federal district court awarded Mr. Grable this award for his “outstanding” pro bono counsel.

Part of what makes Mr. Grable such a valuable member to the legal community is the fact that he not only excels at his practice — he gives back. The Judges of the United States District Court for the Western District of New York recently celebrated his history of providing counsel to the impoverished when they awarded Mr. Grable the Criminal Justice Act Award. This award was given in honor of his work helping to better ensure the poorest in our community receive a “full and fair defense.”

These are just a few of the ways James W. Grable, Jr. exemplifies the balance of excellence in litigation and homegrown values that make our firm one of national interest.