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Connors LLP helps secure $5.75 million settlement

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2023 | Firm News

The National Safety Council reported the cost of work injuries in 2021 was $167 billion. Connors LLP recently agreed to help a worker who had waited over a decade to get compensation for injuries he suffered while working.  After the worker had been represented by another firm and had lost his case, Connors LLP took over the matter, obtained a reversal, and then secured a $5.75 Million settlement.

This triumphant outcome came just days before the trial was set to commence, marking the end of a long and arduous journey for the client.

The background story

In 2007, the backstage worker was assisting with the breakdown of a Genesis concert at the HSBC Arena in New York. Tragedy struck when a massive 2,000-pound trunk fell on him, causing severe injuries to his knee and shoulder. This unfortunate incident not only ended his career as a stagehand but also set in motion a legal battle that would span over a decade before Connors LLP became involved and achieved success for the worker.

The legal battle

The injured worker’s case against Live Nation Inc., the concert’s organizer, alleged that the employer had been negligent and had violated numerous state and federal labor and safety laws. According to the worker, a manager had made him attempt to physically load the enormous trunk without providing proper equipment for the task. Shockingly, his manager had even refused to allow him to use the forklift that the crew had used earlier in the day to move the same heavy trunk.

After another firm had represented the worker for over a decade only to lose the trial, Lawlor Quinlan and Terry Connors took over the appeal and persuaded the Appellate Division to reverse the adverse judgment and actually award judgment to the injured worker which led to a favorable settlement on the brink of a new trial.

Eventually, a settlement of $5.75 million was reached. This substantial compensation serves as a testament to the worker’s perseverance and the legal expertise of Connors LLP.

This case highlights the importance of legal advocacy in ensuring that injured individuals receive the compensation they deserve. Connors LLP’s dedication to their client’s cause ultimately prevailed, demonstrating that justice can come even after years of struggle.